While working on new projects, which include a new website for my private practice, please contact me for in-person or remote sessions.  Please note that I currently have a waitlist and will contact you soon as I am able.

 Karen Melin
I believe in our greatness  – the genius we all are privileged to experience when prepared and we dare – and am driven to build the bridges that empower people to locate that within themselves and with others.
Oftentimes we fall in that quest, resulting in our greatness being interrupted or feeling temporarily taken from us.  Difficult experiences become lodged in the tissues of our body and our behaviours, holding vital energy where it’s no longer needed as unease, pain, or disease.  Working to restore and develop your body’s nervous system health, from impulse through action to chosen way forward, I support you to rise again.

Every moment of life carries a rhythm and movement, a vector and potential, and within, an impulse and a desire.  Getting more in touch with your nervous system will help you heal where needed to move fluidly and fully through life to beautifully rock your very own rhythm.

My practice draws on expertise from education and certification in:

Somatic Experiencing | Somatic Practice |Engineering | High Performance Sport & Coaching